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Your Cell Phone Is Garbage And Its Your Fault

Let's be honest for a few minutes. You hate your cell phone. How do I know? I know because I've hated almost every cell phone I've had.

Let me guess. Your phone is slow. Every time you try to access your list of phone numbers, you want to pull your hair out.

Let's try another one. Your old phone got better reception than your new one. Your battery only lasts long enough to make sure that the number you're calling hasn't been disconnected. My personal favorite is when you're trying to set up a business meeting and your phone drops the call like 85 times.

I know for a fact that you've opened up your bill to find an amount three times larger than it should have been. Some of you have seen cell phone bills over $1000. If you have, join the club. I'm the president.

As a 'has been' cell phone representative, I've heard every cell phone hate story there is. The fact of the matter is that most cell phones are garbage. Hey, I'm just being honest here. If I hit my quick key button for text messaging, I have to wait four seconds for anything to happen. Then I choose 'new message', and have to wait another three for the screen to change.

The honest truth is that most people would just as well throw their phones off a bridge. The fact of the matter is that your cell phone is garbage and it's your fault. You jumped in the car, drove to the mall, and bought the hottest looking phone on the shelf. Some of you bought your garbage because the sales person told you too. You didn't even consider that he might have more commission on garbage that doesn't cost the store as much, did you? Well in all honesty I tried to tell people which phones were the best, but I worked with guys who didn't! Here's a dirty little secret that shouldn't be a secret: Sales people look out for themselves.

I honestly don't understand how people don't know this little fact! Since I've spent some time with those on the dark side, let me give you a little advice. Never listen to the man behind the counter. Do me a favor. Go to the store knowing which phone you're going to buy.

Do a little research beforehand, and you will spend the two years of your contract in bliss. Take a little time and find a good forum. Forums are places where people can get together to talk about all different topics. Of course, there are quite a few forums online where people talk about cell phones.

You can find out what phones people like, and what phones they hate! You can find out if the screen is dull, or if the operating system is slow. There are forums for all different brands including Motorola, Nokia, and others. There are also some cell phone research sites where you can read positives and negatives on each model.

Here's another word of advice: Don't buy an off brand model. Buy from Nokia, Motorola, or another of the biggies. If you buy a model you've never heard of, I won't feel bad for you when you hate it. Pay attention carefully to what other people say in forums. They are the real experts. Best of luck to you with your search for a quality cell phone.

Courtney writes product reviews and publications such as this one on the Motorola Cell Phone Forum, otherwise known as the Motorola Forum.

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