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What about HDTV

High Definition Television represents a new wave in television through digital broadcasting.  HDTV has five times the information as standard TV (analog broadcast), and can provide up to 10 times the amount of picture detail.  HDTV also offers an aspect ratio (width to height ratio) of 16:9 as opposed to the current standard of 4:3.   16:9 is closer to the cinematic experience.

Experimental broadcasts of HDTV began in July, 1996.  Originally, FCC rules required the phasing-in of digital broadcast signals and the phasing-out of analog broadcast signals by the year 2006. But this target keeps getting pushed further out as discussions between manufacturers and media broadcasters about world-wide standards and other issues continue to get more complicated.  When a true deadline is finally met it does not mean your analog TV won't work.  Digital to analog (DA) converters will be available for receiving the digital signals and converting them for use with your existing analog set. In most areas your current antenna, even rabbit ears, will be able to receive high definition broadcasts. High Definition programming will also be sent via satellite and cable although special equipment is required to receive it.

Television sets that are capable of reproducing the higher resolution images are already on the market and the once high price tags are a thing of the past.  The problem is that the phasing-in of HDTV broadcasts continues to be very slow and sporadic, so you'll get the most of your set from DVD's.

For much more information and detail on HDTV, we highly recommend checking out the HDTV guide from CNET.


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