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Home Theater describes an atmosphere in your home, apartment, condominium, etc. created with the purpose of establishing a listening and viewing experience that closely resembles that delivered in a movie theater.  It is made possible through recent technological advancements in both video and audio.

Video was improved with the advent of the "Big Screen TV" but recent advancements in Audio have made the biggest impact.  Specifically, technology provided by Dolby Laboratories has moved us from two-channel stereo sound to multiple channels of audio and effects.  This concept, initially known as surround sound, suggests that audio, especially as it relates to movies and sporting events, provides far more impact, excitement, and realism when it surrounds the viewer as opposed to when it is simply pointed at the viewer from the front.

A home theater can be set up just about anywhere you currently watch TV- a living room, bedroom, game room, etc.  Recently, many people have begun setting up rooms dedicated to home theater and other multi-media entertainment (computers, video games, etc.).  The purpose of this site is to provide you with ALL of your home theater needs- whether you are creating a simple living room theater, or a designated theater/multi-media room with all of the accoutrements.


components of home theater

The following audio and video components are required in any home theater:

  • Video/Television- preferably 35" or largerSpeakers- At a minimum you will need the following to reproduce 5.1 recordings: front left, front right, center, left surround, right surround, powered subwoofer; Additional speakers will be required for some of the newer formats, such as 6.1 and 7.1Home Theater Receiver- includes amplifiers for at least 5 channels, surround sound processor/decoder, and AM-FM tuner
  • Audio/Video Signal Source- any combination of HiFi VCR,  DVD Player, Laser Disc Player, cable or satellite source

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