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Uses for Ultra Sonic Welding

Ultra sonic welding is a technique that has been used for many decades and is being applied more and more as our technology and access to materials advances in the information age. In this article we will take a look at some areas wherein the use of ultra sonic welding may be quite useful to an endeavour. First of all, consider price While not as expensive as laser welding, using ultra sonic welding technology carries a significantly higher price tag than traditional heat and pressure welding or a soldering process. It is therefore best used when the end result of production is a piece of equipment or good that can be sold at a high value of return, or repaired for such. Size of the materials One of the most significant areas in which ultra sonic welding can be the best option is when bonding together materials that are too small to accommodate the normal welding process. The use of sonic waves to create a bonding frequency can be greatly focused and pinpointed, making it possible to work on surface areas that are only centimetres in square size.

In addition, sonic welding can take place within a much smaller area as well. The use of different materials Sonic welding is also highly touted as a very effective way of bonding two dissimilar materials to each other in a much stronger way than can be achieved by any other welding process. In particular, various forms of plastics will achieve a lasting and hard to detect bond guaranteed to act more effectively than the use of glue or other adhesive materials.

Products created through ultra sonic welding As you may have guessed from the above criteria, many of the devices and instruments in your home have likely been put together using ultra sonic welding techniques. Here are some of the items which rely on the process not only for creation, but often for repair as well: Household: Cell phone parts, computer parts, DVD players, and even the inner workings of some automobile engines are bonded together through the use of ultra sonic welding. In Medicine: Small and intricate medical instruments using several different types of materials are also dependent on ultra sonic welding technology. These tools use durable and non-contaminating plastics created on a small scale, and without the technology used in ultra sonic welding they would not function properly.

Ultra sonic welding may not be a process known to exist in every household, but it is central to many of the aspects of our daily lives.

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