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Tips for Home Training Your Great Dane Puppy

So you have a new Great Dane puppy. Puppies are adorable, snuggly, cute, fun to watch, and they have awesome puppy breath. Now its time to housebreak him or her and you arent quite as excited as you were when you first saw him. Here are ten tips that will hopefully make the process easier for both of you. 1. Be Upbeat and Enthusiastic- The dogs mission in life is to make their humans happy.

If you want any training to go smoothly, you need to be enthusiastic. Your puppy will succeed much easier if he thinks that housebreaking is a fun adventure for the two of you! If you start out being gloomy and distressed, your dog will naturally think that youre displeased with him. Hell be confused and try to figure out what he did wrong. Since you havent even started yet, youre sending the wrong message.

Talk yourself into thinking youre going to have a great time and convey this to your puppy. Each time you take him outside, do it with gusto! 2. Be Patient Lets face it, youre going to have some disappointing moments while youre house training a dog.

Try to look at the big picture. For one thing, your dog will bring you far more happiness in life than unhappiness. When hes young, hell make lots of mistakes, but before you know it, hell be trained. So give him time to learn all these new behaviors. Also, if you act impatient with him, youll get into that confusion thing again.

Just take a deep breath, smile at how cute he is, and know hell do better next time. 3. Make a Schedule- The smaller your dog, the smaller bladder he or she has. Every puppy needs to be put on a potty training schedule, so take this into consideration as youre setting it up. Take him out first thing in the morning.

Feed him, and take him out again. If youre home with him during the day, take him out every hour while hes tiny. You can figure out what adjustments to make as he grows. Always take him out the last thing before bedtime. 4.

Be Consistent- Consistency is one of the most important aspects of house training a puppy. There are several methods you can use including putting papers down and confining your dog in the same area as the door hell be using. There is also dog litter box training, and the umbilical leash, where you keep him by your side every minute that you can. Whichever means you use, say the same words and take the same actions. Changes will make him nervous and cause accidents in the house. Crate training is the method we prefer and it gives your puppy a den of safety, too.

5. Reward Behavior- Every time your dog goes potty outside, even before he asks to go out, reward him. This will quickly teach him that hes doing something that pleases you.

You can give him food treats or his favorite toy. Whatever you give him for a prize, lavish praise and affection on him at the same time. Tell him what a good boy he is in your most ecstatic voice.

6. Dont Punish and catch him doing something right!!- - The old school of housebreaking a dog held to punishments such as rubbing his nose in his own waste. The new model is much kinder and more sensible.

Since he wants to please you, if you dont react, but walk away instead, hell get the message loud and clear that he was a bad boy. Give him a few minutes, and then start speaking to him again. 7. Alpha Dog- Dogs exist in packs. That means there is one alpha dog and the rest are subservient. In your family or even just with you, youre the pack members.

The trick is to let him know right away that youre the alpha dog. In other words, you are the leader of his pack. It doesnt mean you have to be mean; you just need to let him know that you call the shots in dog housetraining; and all other training too. 8. Command Word- Every training exercise needs a command word; something simple. For house training your puppy, potty or outside are examples of appropriate words.

Whatever you choose, always stick with the same one for the each command. 9. Keep it Simple- Dont make housebreaking your dog any more difficult than it has to be.

For example, each time he goes on his papers or makes a mistake in another area, pick him up, gently but firmly, take him out the same door, and set him down on the grass. Hell probably urinate, so reward and praise him, and call him back inside. Dont make side trips on the way out or try to have a conversation with him. The easier you make it for him, the easier hell make it for you.

10. Lots of Love- The last rule, which should be the easiest, is to give that dog all the love in your heart!.

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