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Motorola RAZR vx Review

The Motorola Razr V3x phone is a great improvement from the old Motorola Razr phone. It still carries the properties of the old Razr phone and loaded with a lot of functions. It plays Java games and such. This product is really great; it deserves a very high rating of 8.5/10. This phone includes a 2 megapixel camera; this is basically what everyone needs for a phone.

The V3x still have the metal keys for the number pad. The screen of this Motorola Razr V3x is about 320 x 240 pixels. In the menu, instead of having the old 9 icons there is now 12 icons, an extra row has been added which means that there will be more functions with this Razr V3x.

The average price of this great phone is only about $499 which is a great price for all these functions, the price do vary from place to place and from contract to contract. Even though this phone is a bit thicker than the old models but it does include many functions that keep my mind off the bigger size. The talk-time of this phone is over 145 minutes and standby is over 250 hours. This phone supports java like other phones as well. One of the best parts is the video calling function that this phone provides. From the outside look it doesn't look very good compared to other phones.

Also do not judge a book by its cover, by just looking at this phone; the phone seems a bit larger than the old ones. It is actually about half a centimeter thicker than the older models. Like I have written, don't judge a book by its cover.

The outside does not show the whole potential of this phone. This phone's internal is the best feature. Loads of new and the old functions plus a video calling function which is very popular among teenagers these days. This phone has been a great upgrade for Motorola to release with so many new functions that makes the price seems very low for a phone this good. Although there are a few bad points to this great phone; this phone's volume is not as high as others and internal memory is not that big as well.

So even though with a few bad points about Motorola Razr V3x, obviously the good points defeat the bad points very easily. With only about two bad points and ton of good points about this new phone, a rating 8.5/10 suits it perfectly.

Why not a higher rating? The phone did get thicker which is not the kind of Razr most people would remember. Many have forgotten about Motorola Razr phones but this new version V3x with all the new functions will surely bring back the memories. Great phone at a good price depending on the contract you're signing.

If you are a fan of Razr phone like me. I would suggest you buy one of the new model very quickly to see all the new features for yourself.

Darren writes on topics such as Motorola Phones, Cheap Phones, and Cell Phone Signal Booster's for The Tech FAQ.

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