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MIVA pay per click search engines

The internet provides a plethora of information to the various users worldwide on a variety of topics irrespective of their content and the most significant tools that are instrumental in aiding the recovery of information from the World Wide Web are the search engines. The concept of the pay per click search engines is quite interesting. These options are provided by the search engines, advertisers, on blogs and websites and in these cases the moment a consumer clicks on a particular link, he is required to pay. The advertisers place their stake upon certain key words which they are confident the user will type into the search engine in order gather information on a certain topic. Therefore this is the mode of functioning of the pay per click search engines. There are innumerable pay per click search engines that are found to be operating in the wide world of the World Wide Web.

MIVA is a prevalent search engine which is extremely well known for it offers cheaper alternatives in terms of pricing for the distribution of the various vertical and contextual pay per click ads. It is to be noted in this case that in order to facilitate the transfer of vertical and contextually focused contents, MIVA has devised two separate networks which are known as the MIVA Core Network and the MIVA Precision Network. The MIVA Core Network is available widely all over the United States of America as well as the European continent and widely display the pay per click ads in the leading lifestyle and news sites of the world.

It is an elaborate network which primarily consists of various content sites. Since MIVA offers lower entry cost these pay per click ads are very popular among the advertisers and the fact that they are targeted as well has an added advantage on the part of the advertiser. The MIVA Precision Network on the other hand concentrates on the functioning of vertical traffic and is at present available only in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The main thrust of this network is provided by various business categories such as finance, recruitment, automotives etc and it is interesting to note that its vertical pattern of regulating traffic in this pay per click ads have several advantages. MIVA provides the option of AdAnalyser which aids the advertisers to have complete authority and control over their ads.

The Campaign Manager allows the various ads to be categorized and placed under the necessary campaigns to which they conform to.

Use Gomvents for organic search engine placement marketing VS. pay-per-click marketing.

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