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How Microsoft Anti Spyware Works

In their participation into the anti spyware business, Microsoft launched its beta version of anti spyware, known as Microsoft Anti Spyware or Windows Defender. It is a freely downloadable utility program for removing spyware programs from the system. .

.In fact, it provides all necessary services that a basic Internet and PC user needs in order to protect the system from the unwanted malicious programs. Truly, Microsoft Anti Spyware offers the highest possible security features including a strong protection for network accessibility. .The Originator . .

Originally, the product was launched by GIANT Company and then in collaboration with Microsoft, the brand Microsoft Anti Spyware is launched. The Giant Company was sold to Microsoft in the year 2004. The program successfully works with most windows OS. .The Interface.

.In the existing form, Microsoft Anti Spyware consists of an intuitive interface, which is quite appealing to most of the users. The program is segmented into three distinctive heads – Scanning, Real Time Protection and Advanced Tools. . .The functions of these three distinctive heads ensure optimum privacy and security, both for real time and existing.

Microsoft did not change these features and kept it as it was in the original version published from GIANT Company. . .The Exterminator. .

The major scanning quality of Microsoft Anti Spyware can be easily compared with the advanced level services offered by many popular Anti Spyware solutions like Ad-Aware or Spybot – Search & Destroy. However, it is not as fast Ad-Aware. . .Once Microsoft Anti Spyware identifies a threat, it then thoroughly describes the location of the identified threats as well as possible strategy to remove the threats from the system.

Additionally, it also displays a risk rating feature. . .You can set the scanner to daily, weekly or monthly schedule based on your personal preference.

In order to keep your system free from any threats, you must keep your Microsoft Anti Spyware updated from SpyNet community network. . .Real Time Protection. .

Microsoft Anti Spyware offers an advanced level service for real time protection. It facilitates protection to system process, application and internet component, the major targets of spyware and adware programs. . .Under the System Agents tad, Microsoft Anti Spyware program keeps its eye open for both inbound and outbound network connections.

Apart from that, Spam Zombie Prevention and Winsock Layer Service Provider offer protecting against spam and network traffic. . .Drawbacks.

.With all the advanced features, Microsoft Anti Spyware is undoubtedly an excellent addition to anti spyware market. But it has few common drawbacks. Microsoft Anti Spyware sets the Internet Explorer only to MSN, Internet Explorer as the default browser and MSN search as the primary search engine.


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