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High Definition Makes Happy Employees

. .As a owner of a great corporation, I understand the need to keep moral up.  I know my employees will be more productive if they stay happy.  This is why I am always taking suggestions for improvements in the office.  I have to admit that I can't take all the suggestions and make them happen.

  However, I do everything in my power to negotiate or find ways to make a condition better.  Lately, one of the largest complaints has been with our break area.  . .

Right now, we have a small room with a refrigerator, microwave, a sink and several tables and chairs.  We also have a small tv for the employees to watch during break.  The employees have been whining about the microwave and refrigerator that are old and do not operate really well.  Apparently, some of the employee's lunches has gone bad due to the icebox's temperature control being off.  I called the management division and asked what we could do about this condition.  .

.They informed me we did have some funds in the fiscal budget to  me to buy a few things for the break room.  I started to search around Home Depot and Circuit City for a new refrigerator and microwave.  I ended up going to Wal-Mart for the microwave because I knew I could get the best deal.

  Then I went to Sears for the new refrigerator.  I received such a great deal on both items that I had a lot of money left over.  Before I left Sears, I browsed the HDTV area.

  . .I was astonied at how low the prices were for the smaller HDTVs available.

  I instantly thought how much my staff would love to have an HDTV as part of their break area.  However, then I remembered you needed a cable or dish provider to furnish you with the service for the high quality channels.  I was talking to the sales person and he informed me that I could buy an antenna that would give me the channels I was wondering about without a monthly cost.  . .

I went home, checked into the antenna, and found out it also didn't cost much to get.  I found an antenna for indoor use, which would be perfect for our office.  I bought the antenna and then went to Sears to buy the HDTV.  I could hardly wait for my employees to see the remodeling job in the break room.  As soon as everything arrived, I asked the delivery guys to arrive after hours so no one would see it.

  After they put everything where it belonged, the HDTV was perfect in making the area complete.  When my employees came in that Monday, they just about fell over when they saw the remodeling job.  My employees are happy and so much more committed to their jobs now.

so I am a very gratified!.

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