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Fan An Overview Of Common Object

Fan is a very common object, to be found in almost all households and their presence are so obvious that we barely notice them as we visit a house for the first time. How do you define a fan? Well, in short it is a device for moving air to get cool comfort. Just try to remember the shapes and sizes of the fans that you have encountered in your life and you will find it rather difficult to recall them all. The big and small fans, the fans with broad surfaces and fans with flat surfaces and the varieties seem to be endless. Then think about their uses: the fans not only keep your home cool during the summer, it also brings warmth when it is freezing outside.

The exhaust fan works for ventilation, while electric table fans are meant for personal wind generation. The fans are also commonly used for the purpose of winnowing, that is separating chaffs from the grains. Then the fan in your vacuum cleaner helps you to keep your house clean by sucking up all the dirt.

It is also not uncommon to use the fans to dry things up. The fans that we get to see everywhere around us, hanging from the ceiling, or mounted as exhaust fans, as table fans on the desk top, or those gigantic industrial fans in the factories and so on have a long and interesting history behind it. In fact the history of fans stretches back thousands of years. In the early days of its invention, fans were regarded as status symbol of the aristocrats and rich people. They used to be made of variety of materials, mostly derived from the plants and adorned with intricate art work. In the ancient days, the fans were not only used as cooling devices, often they had their value as sartorial accessories.

They were also used in the ceremonies and for decorative purposes. In many cultures, the traditional uses of flat hand held fans are still prevalent. The earliest fans of these kinds were found in many Egyptian tombs. In the early civilizations, slaves were employed to manipulate the fans to produce the breeze. In the ancient South American civilizations like Aztec or Maya, the feathers were used to serve the purposes of fans.

In china, the earliest known fans were the types of screen fans made of woven bamboos. The modern day fans are powered by electric and usually consist of three to four rotating blades which move the air and keep the atmosphere cool.

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