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Excel Advantages over Excel

1. Results-oriented user interface The new results-oriented user interface makes it easy for you to work in Microsoft Office Excel. Commands and features that were often buried in complex menus and toolbars are now easier to find on task-oriented tabs that contain logical groups of commands and features.

Many dialog boxes are replaced with drop-down galleries that display the available options, and descriptive tool tips or sample previews are provided to help you choose the right option. 2. More rows and columns, and other new limits To enable you to explore massive amounts of data in worksheets, Office Excel 2007 supports up to 1 million rows and 16 thousand columns per worksheet.

Specifically, the Office Excel 2007 grid is 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns, which provides you with 1,500% more rows and 6,300% more columns than you had available in Microsoft Office Excel 2003. 3. Office themes and Excel styles In Office Excel 2007, you can quickly format the data in your worksheet by applying a theme and by using a specific style. Themes can be shared across other 2007 Office release programs, such as Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office PowerPoint, while styles are designed to change the format of Excel-specific items, such as Excel tables, charts, PivotTables, shapes, or diagrams.

4. Rich conditional formatting In 2007 Office release, you can use conditional formatting to visually annotate your data for both analytical and presentation purposes. To easily find exceptions and to spot important trends in your data, you can implement and manage multiple conditional formatting rules that apply rich visual formatting in the form of gradient colours, data bars, and icon sets to data that meets those rules. Conditional formats are also easy to apply?in just a few clicks; you can see relationships in your data that you can use for your analysis purposes. 5.

Improved sorting and filtering In Office Excel 2007, you can quickly arrange your worksheet data to find the answers that you need by using enhanced filtering and sorting. For example, you can now sort data by colour and by more than 3 (and up to 64) levels. You can also filter data by colour or by dates, display more than 1000 items in the AutoFilter drop-down list, select multiple items to filter, and filter data in PivotTables. 6. New look for charts In Office Excel 2007, you can use new charting tools to easily create professional-looking charts that communicate information effectively. Based on the theme that is applied to your workbook, the new, up-to-date look for charts includes special effects, such as 3-D, transparency, and soft shadows.

7. Easy-to-use PivotTables In Office Excel 2007, PivotTables are much easier to use than in earlier versions of Excel. By using the new PivotTable user interface, the information that you want to view about your data is just a few clicks away?you no longer have to drag data to drop zones that aren't always an easy target.

Instead, you can simply select the fields that you want to see in a new PivotTable field list. And after you create a PivotTable, you can take advantage of many other new or improved features to summarize, analyze, and format your PivotTable data. 8. Quick connections to external data In Office Excel 2007, you no longer need to know the server or database names of corporate data sources. Instead, you can use Quick launch to select from a list of data sources that your administrator or workgroup expert has made available for you. A connection manager in Excel allows you to view all connections in a workbook and makes it easier to reuse a connection or to substitute a connection with another one.

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