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Digital Film Scanner

This fantastic little Digital Film Scanner not only scans negatives but also slides too. With the Digital Film Scanners software you can enhance, edit and retouch your images with ease. Our Digital Film Scanner is a wonderfully compact and nifty little negative and slide scanner that scans in your old 35mm photographic negatives and slides, uploading them directly onto your computer. Everyone nowadays has opted for the ease and practicality of digital cameras, but how many strips of negatives do you still have in boxes and drawers around your house? All those family trips, special occasions, embarrassing moments and fond memories on little strips of plastic. Photos get passed around, lost, ripped and fade with time, so why not get out those negatives and pop them into our USB Digital Film Scanner! You could email them to friends, embarrass them on their online profiles with old school photos or print out your pictures and create a new album full of fond memories! http://www.

find-me-a-gift.co.uk/digital-film-scanner.html Do you have a question about this product? Email us now Digital Film Scanner The Digital Film Scanner can scan 35mm film and slides The film scanner is only 19 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm so won't clutter up your desk and makes storage easy! Our film scanners are powered by USB and are compatible with Windows XP and USB 2.

0 The resolution of your images will be 5 mega pixels, equal to 1800 dpi (enhances to 3600 dpi) The Digital Film Scanner also comes with editing software Easy enough for ages 12 to 120! Our Digital Film Scanner is the perfect solution whether you are using it for college work, sorting out your old photographic negatives or wanting to back up your old images onto your computer. Scanning in the negatives rather than the photographs produces a much higher quality and sharp image.unless you didn't focus the camera or had your thumb over the lens. With our Digital Film Scanner you can relive all those memories! Can you imagine all the wedding photos, birthday snaps from 30 years ago, mom on the beach with her culottes and sun visor, dad in his Bros T-shirt and bum bag doing the conga at your sweet 16? Just connect our USB digital scanner to your computer and let the cringing begin! http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.

uk/digital-film-scanner.html This tiny Digital Film Scanner won't make you David Bailey, but maybe it will also encourage you to dust off that old camera and have a play. We all love the simplicity of digital cameras and the ease of uploading the images, but with out digital scanner it is just as easy to upload your negatives! There really is nothing like the good old SLR cameras with their apertures, depth of fields, the smell of the 35mm film when you take the cap off that little black pot and the anticipation of what fantastic masterpieces lie in wait on that completed roll of film.

You grasp onto your 'Express Processing' stub like a winning lottery ticket and rush to see what heads you've cut off this time and who's eye's are in the half-blink stage at the back.The USB Digital Film Scanner will give your old negatives a new lease of life and give you a new 'friends and family blackmailing strategy.' What's in the Digital Film Scanner Box 1 x Digital Film Scanner with USB cable attached 1 x 35mm negative holder 1 x Slide holder 1 x Software CD 1 x Set of Instructions http://www.

find-me-a-gift.co.uk/digital-film-scanner.html For any additional information on the digital film scanner please email info@findmeagift.com or call 01926 640710 Regards Jessie Jones Gadget specialist - find-me-a-gift.

Jessie joined Findmeagift.com a few months ago and has been writing fabulous articles ever since.

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